The Life Christian Bible Institute Certificate Program is designed to equip those who feel the call of God on their lives to minister the Gospel and who desire to further their Christian education.  LCBI recognizes student achievement at a yearly graduation exercise where students receive a Certificate of Completion for each program they complete. 


The Life Christian Bible Institute Audit Program is for those individuals attending strictly for their own personal and spiritual growth. Audit students must attend all classes and read all texts, but exams and papers are not required. Audit students may participate in the graduation exercise for LCBI certificate students and will receive a Certificate of Attendance for each program completed. 

PROGRAMS #1, #2, #3 & #4 

Life Christian Bible Institute has established course work in year-long programs. Program #1 is foundational in nature and required for all LCBI students. Program #2 is designed to give students a “jump start” into fulfilling the call of God on their lives. Programs #3 & #4 are designed to help students achieve a greater degree of effectiveness in any area of church-related ministry. Each program is made up of 9 courses and 1 Ministry Practicum.

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